Exclusive impressions on seminar in Werftpfuhl, November, 4-11

Finally we have a chance to ask what happend with our participants on seminars in Kurt Lowenstein Educational Center …in English! So: — Lena, where have you been last week, from 4 to 11 November? — In Werftpfuhl — In Werftpfuhl? What’s this?? — Werftpfuhl – is educational center named after Kurt Lowenstein. It is located in a beautiful forest place near Berlin, Germany and welcomes young activist of social-democratic organizations to learn and train on various relevant topics. — Sounds great! So what did you do there? — Participated in a training on Ecology and Sustainable Development. — So you were studying? Why are you so happy then? — Because it was absolutely great! I delighted all the time! This time there were participants from Poland, Belarus, Estonia, UK, Serbia. Thus we got many foreign friends! Besides, I knew a lot about the countries and the life from the point of view of usual citizens like me and you. — Cool! So … did you have parties? — Sure, every night! There was a special room, Madafa room, where we got together at night to talk, drink, etc.. I think organizers are very wise to allow this. As we say, if you can’t prevent party, become the head of it! — That’s absolutely cool! But who were the trainers? The trainers were great! Our professional and encouraging Evan and Artur – I did learn many things from them. Not only about ecology, but about techniques, games, training methods, and their life style, different from the way I got used to! In my opinion, the most important task of the trainer was to provide a new look on our experience and way of living and facilitate getting new experience in relevant issues like ecology. Besides, we trained presenting our ideas, trained again and again, until we could do it quite well! — So what did you like most of all? — Making a movie! We did a great movie, Eco-saver! We worked as a team and put the best we had in the movie! For the first time I tried the role of producer and enjoyed it very much! In the last evening we presented results and we played games, it was very warm evening so it was almost impossible to leave the group, which became a family for me. I still miss them, miss my friends…. — But you’ve got me, haven’t you? — Sure ))))) But it is just different. It’s just different…… Lena Zhurova’s interview, St.Petersburg