Joint declaration of Russian Social Democratic Union of Youth and Socialist Youth of Georgia

We, the Union of Socialist Youth of Georgia and the Russian Social Democratic Union of Youth, make a statement about our common principal position. We believe that modern world should be based on human values. Violent and bloody resolution of conflicts is absolutely unacceptable. Confrontations should be resolved only through negotiations. We condemn use of violence from Russian and Georgian authorities in South Osetian conflict. Such actions of both countries are inadmissible and far from democratic principles. We consider that the conflict is not among the nations, but among the non-democratic governments of both, Georgia and Russia. We are sure that military actions between the democratic countries are impossible. According to our opinion the upcoming solution should be based on respect to the principles of international law, such as state sovereignty, territorial integrity and self determination of nations. We should use peaceful conflict resolution experience. We, Young Social Democrats are ready to fight for the improvement of relationship between Russia and Georgia by fostering democratic processes in our countries, and we want to involve our civil societies of both countries in these efforts. We are standing for the equal partnership between our countries; we condemn any form of the imperialism. State represents its citizen’s interests, which are actually the interests of regular people just like us. While Russian and Georgian authorities brought their negotiations to the dead end, we call public, political and social organizations of both countries to develop cooperation on the civil society level. Nowadays it’s the only way to normalize relations of both countries to rebuild the mutual trust. We know that the aspiration of Russian and Georgian citizens is to make neighborhood relation better. Definitely, there’s no alternative to peace! Union of Socialist Youth of Georgia Russian Social Democratic Union of Youth