15-29 March 2009 Campaign against xenophobia – “Xenophobii.Net” (No to xenophobia”), Saint-Petersburg

Campaign is held by informal coalition “Xenophobii.Net” (No to xenophobia”), which unites public, political, human rights organisations for collaboration of efforts in opposing any kinds of xenophobia. At the moment following organisations participate in the activity of the coalition: movement “For Russia without racism”, LGBT organisation “Vyhod” («Coming Out»), Russian-German Exchange, youth movement “Oborona (Defence)-Petersburg”, Russian LGBT-net, history-educational club “Yesterday and Today”, Russian Social Democratic Union of Youth, movement “Autonomous action”, American corner at the Mayakovsky library, Federation of socialistic youth, Food instead of bombs, Antifascist action, African Unity, Soldiers mothers of Saint-Petersburg, Pieces of unite, Human rights Council of Saint-Petersburg, LGBT-film festival “Side to Side”, charity society “Ichumbri”, international net against racism and xenophobia UNITED, youth informational project “Polit-gramota” (political literacy), Institute of the regional press. The coalition is open for partnership with other groups. Timetable of events can be found at:  http://community.livejournal.com/ksenofobii_net/416.html