September, 20, 2009 “The Demarche Of Extremists”, Saint-Petersburg

September 20 in St. Petersburg will host a flash mob called a ”The Demarche Of Extremists”. The action aims: to inform the public about the fact that the state constantly interferes in the affairs of civil society, hindering its development at all levels and create a network of all-Russia counter this phenomenon. The flash-mobers are members of various social, political, human rights organizations, representatives of subcultures, journalists who have their own opinion, ordinary citizens openly express their position, ie all those whom the state is written in the “extremists”. To combat “extremists” by the authorities created a special structure – Center “E”. In fact, all the activities of these Centers is to disperse peaceful public actions, impeding the functioning of public organizations, persecution of people openly expressing their position. But officially, according to Interior Minister Rashid Nurgaliev, our government has written to its extremists more than 200 thousand people. We see that under the pretext of fighting extremism, the authorities actually fights with Russia’s civil society. That phenomenon we call “state extremism” and urge all “extremists” to oppose this and join us in a flash creature! September 20 at 00.00 p.m., civil society representatives gathered at the Gostiny Dvor (Nevsky Prospect), each would represent himself with some attribute symbolizing his views, either in the costume of a well-known figures of Russia from the past (for example, make-up in the Pushkin style , who in Russia of present days certainly would consider as a very dangerous extremist). All present will greet passers-by with the phrase “Hello, I’m an extremist!”To Interested passers, sure, must be explained who believe that we’re extremists, but at the same time the passer will be asked to verify: are you extremist, perhaps? More detailed material on the campaign “The Demarche Of Extremists” can be found at: