January 27, 2010. United action of young Russian and German social-democrats in the honor of memory of Nazism victims, Saint-Petersburg, Mainz

On January 27, 1944 Leningrad was fully drawn out of the blockage. A year after, on January 27, 1945 the well known concentration camp Auschwitz-Birkenau was taken by soviet troops. That is why January 27 was named by UN as the International day for the memory of Holocaust victims. In the memory of this young German and Russian social-democrats will hold united actions in the honor of memory of nazism victims. Russian Social-Democratic Union of youth (RSDUY) and representatives of youth wing of Social-Democratic Party of Germany (JUSOS) will put flowers on Piskarevski cemetery at 14-00, Saint-Petersburg. At 19-00 in the Victory Park will start action “We remember, we mourn, we will not allow”. During this action the lyrics by many famous Russian poets will be red – poets like Olga Bertholtz, Anna Ahmatova, Vsevolod Rejdestvenski, Ivan Demuanov, etc. We invite all the interested to take part in the action. Those who want to read some poetry will be given opportunity to. Taking candles is welcomed. The action will start on January 27, at 19-00 in Victory Park near the monument of victims of blockage of the Leningrad. In Germany, social democrats, on their turn, will organize excursions for youth in the museum of the concentration camp “Hinzert”. Further, under the slogan “They seek for my father”, which is taken from the text of a Luxemburg writer Hans Drah texts and songs of the Resistance will be disclaimed. Jerard Bentene (Luxemburg) and Manfred Paulmann (Germany) will sing some songs, and lyrics will be disclaimed by Melane Hezen from Luxemburg.