RSDUY about elections that were held in Russia on Dec. 4, 2011

We, the members of the Russian Social-Democratic Union of Youth (RSDUY), announce that we do not recognize election results, because of the enormous violations and changes under administrative pressure. We are confident that the election results do not meet the true choice of the citizens. We consider it is a shame with what cynicism the authorities spit on the people’s choice, using all kinds of cheating. Feeling all their crimes, the authorities show their cowardice conducting cruel repression of all who came out to express their protest against elections results. We demand the release of all who were arrested for taking part in protests. We demand the independent investigation of cases of violations and bring those responsible for administrative and criminal liability in accordance with Russian law. We demand to cancel the election and appoint new ones with equal access to the mass- media of all involved parties. We demand the resignation of Russian President D. Medvedev, Russian Prime Minister V. Putin and Chairman of the CEC, V. Churov, due to the fact that they were not able to provide for democratic elections in the country. We demand the dissolution of the party “United Russia”, as the structure, which has organized large-scale fraud.