RSDUY declaration supported by German Social-democrats

Young Social-democrats of Social-democratic party of Germany (JUSOS) from Rhineland-Palatinate supported the RSDUY declaration about results of The State Duma elections. This announced today. Our German comrades are expressing their solidarity with protests in Russia against electoral falsifications. “What we heard in recent days from Russia and read, is unprecedented: outraged citizens take to the streets protesting against the election results because they do not see themselves in the figures represents, and find that their vote was not taken into account – and the political powers respond with arrests and repression, rather than put up with criticism of the deal and start investigations” – JUSOS-Rlp chairman Andro Scholl said. “Independent election observer groups, such as the NGO Golos, had published a map with reported cases of electoral fraud on the Internet, are silenced by her side shortly afterwards was attacked and shut down. OSCE observers also reported violations of fake ballots and the counting of votes in many polling stations. This were not democratic elections!” – said Ellen Diehl, chief of the RSDUY-Spb-JUSOS-Rlp exchange program.