Russian Social-Democrats in protest rallies

Russian Social-Democrats participated in protest rallies against electoral falsifications in different cities of the state. Members of RSDUY and Union of Social-Democrats in Moscow and St.Petersburg took part. RSDUY International Secretary Alexey Karpov took part in the protest rally on Bolotnaya Square in Moscow. “There were very interesting people and many of them were not from political community, just pleasant faces. I think, there were 100 thousand people. This number of people is very cool. But nazi groups damaged a bit our feelings. People turned their faces from them. I am very pleased with people attitude: it was not powerless rage, but a healthy determination to recover their voice. People banished provocateurs. It seems that the authorities realized that any provocation from it’s part, any illegal arrest in a sanctioned rally will only fasten the change in our country. In general, we expect fair elections. Once again, this disgusting game will not pass” – he wrote. Alexey Karpov at Bolotnaya square One of leaders of St.Petersburg Social-Democrats Dmitry Mikhailov said, that the rally had a record people’s number for northern capital city. ”A people’s number was about 10 thousand. But before this morning meeting was marked illegal by authorities. By the way, it was recordable rally since anti-benefits-monetization movement 5 years ago. Participants were very different – from nationalists to liberals and communists. But the main part of protesters were non-party people. All participants were opposed very strong to the government” – he reported. By the way, participants reported that during the rally one of party “Just Russia” leaders – Gennady Gudkov – shouted: “We will pass back our mandates”. Mironov already stepped back from Gudkov words. That’s exactly how Mironov and Just Russia plays a political game, acts populist as Nationalists does and lie to all, as Putin. Anna Bochilo from Siberian city Barnaul wrote on her blog about mixed feelings: ”On the one hand, I am glad that people are waking up. On the other hand, all three hours and still spinning in my head the phrase “I do not believe it!” I did not have enough of something seen by hundreds of people… Perhaps, sincerity, purity of thoughts. Among those who tried to be the center of events, people were no more worthy than the existing government entities, and flashed Putin supporters, of course, is also troubled”. RSDUY Vice-Chairman for ideology Vladmir Peshkov shares pessimistic feelings. He think, changes won’t to be happened: “Maximum for Putin will be a resignation of head of  Election commission (but not from CEC members list). Maybe, early elections to the Moscow City Duma will take place. It will be bigger changes we can get from the regime”. Ksenia Glavatskikh, who has visited the action in Izhevsk, considers that people are adjusted positively and that even the police acted quite loyally to participants. «Action organizers hadn’t time to coordinate meeting with city authorities, so meeting has passed in a format of “single picket” with a sympathizing mass crowding», – she says. – There were about 500 persons who have come on a city central square. Throughout all action young people presented at the action, replacing each other. People gathered at the square applauded amicably supporting the slogans on posters. I think that meeting will be planned better on Dec., 18th and thinking people could see each other there and communicate. The behavior of people when they are not afraid to show their position already gives the results. There were no pressure before elections, requirements “to call the chiefs”, the Udmurtian president didn’t afford such statements like «there were CPSU before, and now United Russia, you still have to be a part of it». video from action