Let’s recognize – totalitarianism has come!

The Chairman of Russian Social-Democratic Union of Youth Eugeniy Konovalov, St. Petersburg, November, 25: The Part 1. Office (10.00-11.00) Morning at office Yabloko party Organizers of ” a march of not consent ” and activists of the different organizations have gathered this morning at office Yabloko party. The briefing where all central mass-media were has begun at 10.15. At a briefing Reznik, Kurnosova, me, Gozman, Belygh have acted. All that we were saying, that we do not understand, why it’s refused to us in the right for another point of view, we feel like we live already in the totalitarian state. Part 2. The first attempt (11.05-11.20) At 11 o’clock near office ” Apple ” about 500 people has gathered and we have moved aside Palace Square. I wish to notice, that we did not have any political symbols, only white carnations in hands and we have gone strictly on sidewalk. We however couldn’t make even 2 steps as direct near me, from an house arch, 4 persons have jumped out and another one has jumped up to them through a fencing. These people hold a national bolshevics flag and began to shout something. I have raised hands and shouted: ” It is provocation, stand still, let them be taken away “. And almost at once OMON forces have suddenly appeared, obviously, they prepared this provocation. They were few groups, they cut crowd, and beat all who further will get on eyes, sufficed and pushed people in the cops trucks. It all occurred very quickly, already in couple minutes I have seen as 5 OMON soldiers conduct Reznik and three more run beside giving others impacts by sticks. I was lost and didn’t not know how to help, I run to Reznik and shout: ” where do they take you? “, to that question I got the answer: ” I’d like to know!”. Follow Reznik, I want to see the truck they wanted to put him. Then I come back. There people continued to be sufficed, someone cried. As in a fog, in 5 minutes there’s no people around me. Then I was surrounded by journalists and have asked to comment. I have told about provokers, have told that the authority separated itself by Putin vertical from people and that we all fear that totalitarizm came back again. Part 3. On the approach We together with some left have moved to the Palace Square. I called Reznik, Maxim has told, that he and others arrested are on the way to 76th Police department, I went to Nevskiy prospect and have decided to go to Palace Square by a trolley bus. In the troll we began to discuss event, different people supported us, some people spoke, that they move towards Palace Square too. And no one has told, that we are not right, that we stir or something. Part 4. The march of not consent took place (12.00 – 13.30) Palace Square has been blocked all around by police, but people have crowded on sidewalk and in small garden near the Hermitage. About 2 thousand people and the quantity constantly increased. Our group came there and later it dissolved in the general crowd. Thus there were no any flags, it means that other organizations have not been allowed to reach place. Beside the cop has screamed in a megaphone, that this action is not lawful, that everyone should spread out. Then Olga Galkina appeared with a megaphone and started to shout: “It is our city!”. I run up to it, we shout together. In 2 minutes I saw OMON forces have moved towards Olga, I grab her, shout: ” Run!” and we disappear in crowd. The OMON was built in a line and started to restrict people, we are densely pressed each other, some drops out from sidewalk on road, cops shout at them that they stir to cars. Police trucks appeared and OMON started again to beat and take people to trucks. But the quantity of people does not decrease, and it gathered more and more. Some people has gathered on the other side, some accumulated on Neva bank. I estimate, that it’s already more than 3 thousand. People passing in public transport waved hands supporting us. However OMON forces became more too, they filled buses and trucks with arrested and again beatings, shouts, crying. I stood near police trucks and as soon as they conduct somebody, I had started to yell ” Shame!!! ” And almost everyone repeated after me. After a while “shoutings” became more and more and more loud. At this time OMON forces started to go on us, I run between them and appeared on sidewalk on the other side. In few minutes crowd have dispersed. Unexpectedly someone in uniform showed on me, three OMONers tried to get me, but group of older persons entered the fight for me. I saw as one ugly creature-“Omonster” has struck old women, I tried to stand between OMON forces and those who protected me, I shouted them:” It is not necessary fights, hell with it, let them take me”. They have led me to the truck, one OMON soldier struck my back, I have looked at him, he has stopped. He began to push me in the chamber in truck, there already was no place, actually I stood on someone’s boots. In total they put in truck about 25-30 people. Being in trick I has got acquainted with the others: basically simple people who do not consist anywhere and simply wanted to make the protest against the established life mode. In about 30 minutes police set us free in ” Petrogradsky area “, probably all nearest police departments have been overflown. Someone notices, that it is Petersburg OMON and that they are always kinder, than visitors (usually OMON from other regions beats people). A part 5. Results I go back in the bus to Palace Square. Ticket conductor which probably heard our conversation with alarm in her voice speaks: ” You good guys, but it is a nightmare, in what state we live? It as it was during Stalin times … ” On Palace Square already almost nobody is present, I go to Nevsky, all around I hear conversations on “march”. People were frightened, someone speaks, that we have lost the country, someone speaks, that soon all will be in jail, someone speaks, that it’s a fascist regime. P. S. Activists of RSDUY met travel troublesVice-president Alexey Karpov and chairman of Vologda branch Vladimir Peshkov during last train trips were met this police officers in trains when they leaved and then arrived to a city. Alexey Karpov got troubles on the way Saint-Petersburg-Moscow- Saint-Petersburg and Vladimir Peshkov had the same story on the way Vologda-Saint-Petersburg-Vologda. Police officers met them in train and asked questions: where do they live, with what purpose have arrived, where they’re going to stay etc. We find out that these activists were included in list of Federal Search by FSB, where it says that these people are extremists and should be controlled.