(По-русски) 2 сентября 2008 г. Дискуссия РСДСМ и JUSOS на тему “Правый экстремизм и способы ненасильственной борьбы с ним”, Санкт-Петербург

1.09.2008 – La discusion de RSDUJ y Jusos “Extrimismo de derecha y metodos de lucha inviolento contra el”, San-Petersburgo


30.08.-11.09 2008 – Visita de delegacion de Jusos Rhineland-Pfalz en San-Petersburgo


13.09.2008 – La marcha por conservacion de San-Petersburgo


Working paper on Delegation meeting of RSDUY St.-Petersburg / Velikiy Novgorod and Jusos Rhineland-Palatinate from 30th of August to 11th of September 2008

Joint Declaration against war in Southern Ossetia We as Young Socialists – Jusos Rhineland-Palatinate and the Russian Social Democratic Union of Youth support the peace sanction of any sort of conflicts and we condemn application of violence over any of the parties that are in confrontation, especially concerning the peaceful population, humanitarian and medical institutions. War is always […]

(По-русски) 18-22 августа 2008 г. Летняя школа с JUSOS Rhineland-Palatinate

Resolucion conjunto de RSDUJ y Jusos Rhineland-Pfalz de conflicto armado en Sur Osetia

Joint resolution about military conflict in Southern Ossetia On August, 6 and 7 shootings and bombings started in Southern Ossetia and on August, 8th Georgian military forces crossed the border, using different weapons to set up control under territory, that was not recognized by international community as independent, but is independent in fact and is under defense of […]

5-6.07.2008 – Participaci?n de SDUJ en seminario “Metodos de lucha inviolento contra intolerante”, Zelenogorsc

Mayo – junio 2008 – Preparacion de equipo de SDUJ para participacion en proyecto en canal STO


1.06.2008 – Fiesta para los ninos en isla de Crestovsquiy