15.04.2007 The second March of united opposition


More than 1,500 participants. More than 4,000 police officers.

18.03.2007 The meeting on the results of the 3d March events


03.03.2007 The March of united opposition in St.Petersburg


More than 3000 participants. The March was prohibited by City authority. The main slogans were: “This is our city!”, “We need other Russia!” , “Russia without Putin!”

Seminar “Project- and time-management or Don’t waste your time”, 10-11.02.07


Seminar for beginners. Presentation of Social-Democratic Union of St.Petersburg activities. Participants from Russia (St.Petersburg, Leningrad region, Kaliningrad) and Estonia.

Workshop on Festival against racism and xenophobia “Open your eyes!”, Feb, 2007


Working out of creative ideas on festival logo.

Round table “Left youth organizations: ways of cooperation”, Moscow, 10.02.2007


All photos are available here: http://photofile.ru/users/rsdsm/2457303/

International winterschool “Education for a socialist change”, Germany, Werftpfuhl, 01.2007


Winter school for young left activists.

Study visit to Folk High School, Velikiy Novgorod, 27-28.01.07


All photos are available here: http://photofile.ru/users/rsdsm/2457508/

Happy people – happy society

«The Government should not force the individual citizen if she does not wish to sacrifice itself in the name of the blessing of the crowd». (Jean-Jacques Rousseau) Did somebody from you experience a situation when your parents asked whom you wish to become in the future? And when you answered for example: “I’d like to be the artist”, […]

Seminar for activists of Russian Social-Democratic Union, St.Petersburg, December, 2006


Seminar for activists of Russian Social-Democratic Union, St.Petersburg, December, 2006