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Visit of SDUY SPb to Germany as part of the program of cooperation JUSOS Rpl – SDUY SPb has gone off very well August, 2nd-9th, 2009

2009_yusos 3

The cooperation program between two regional branches of youth political organisations JUSOS and RSDUY includes joint actions and visits of the delegations to Russia and Germany. Last September SDUY SPb accepted JUSOS Rpl delegation – this year the return visit has taken place. Once again it would be desirable to thank our comrads from JUSOS Rpl for excellently […]

9.9.2007 Female marathon – 10 km


Forum in Narva, Estonia

за нами граница

09.06.2007 The third March of united opposition

нас много!

More then 2, 000 participants. It’s the first march without the police attacks to peacful demonstration. Finally the police and authority have learnt the lesson.

2.6.2007 Day of Children Protection




Made by Wictoria Majby, member of RSDSM, former member of Social Democratic Party of Sweden (SAP)