Visit of SDUY SPb to Germany as part of the program of cooperation JUSOS Rpl – SDUY SPb has gone off very well August, 2nd-9th, 2009

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The cooperation program between two regional branches of youth political organisations JUSOS and RSDUY includes joint actions and visits of the delegations to Russia and Germany. Last September SDUY SPb accepted JUSOS Rpl delegation – this year the return visit has taken place. Once again it would be desirable to thank our comrads from JUSOS Rpl for excellently […]

19.04.2008 – Se realize la novena conferencia de balance y electoral de SDUJ de San-Petersburgo, San-Petersburgo

На отчетно-перевыборной конференции мы подвели итоги за прошедший год, избрали нового председателя, членов правления и КРК. Решением конференции была расширена численность правления на этот год до 9 человек, включая председателя (в прошлом году было 7). Новым председателем СДСМ СПб был избран Василий Хохлов. Членами правления СДСМ СПб были избраны Алексей Карпов, Анжела Туре, Людмила Богданова, Лидия Белькевич, Екатерина […]

Let’s recognize – totalitarianism has come!

The Chairman of Russian Social-Democratic Union of Youth Eugeniy Konovalov, St. Petersburg, November, 25: The Part 1. Office (10.00-11.00) Morning at office Yabloko party Organizers of ” a march of not consent ” and activists of the different organizations have gathered this morning at office Yabloko party. The briefing where all central mass-media were has begun at 10.15. […]

Exclusive impressions on seminar in Werftpfuhl, November, 4-11

Finally we have a chance to ask what happend with our participants on seminars in Kurt Lowenstein Educational Center …in English! So: – Lena, where have you been last week, from 4 to 11 November? – In Werftpfuhl – In Werftpfuhl? What’s this?? – Werftpfuhl – is educational center named after Kurt Lowenstein. It is located in a […]

Forum in Narva, Estonia

за нами граница

Seminar “Project- and time-management or Don’t waste your time”, 10-11.02.07


Seminar for beginners. Presentation of Social-Democratic Union of St.Petersburg activities. Participants from Russia (St.Petersburg, Leningrad region, Kaliningrad) and Estonia.

International winterschool “Education for a socialist change”, Germany, Werftpfuhl, 01.2007


Winter school for young left activists.

Seminar for activists of Russian Social-Democratic Union, St.Petersburg, December, 2006


Seminar for activists of Russian Social-Democratic Union, St.Petersburg, December, 2006

Youth exchange “Overcoming the borders for social inclusion”, Estonia, 12.2006


YOUTH Program Partners from Russia, Estonia, Latvia, Belarus In cooperation with EUYA photoclub, Tartu, Estonia

Youth exchange “Baltic Sea protection and Sustainable Development”, Estonia’ 06


YOUTH Program Partners from Russia (St.Petersburg&Kaliningrad), Estonia, Finland