Election campaign of the candidate for a chairman’s position Mari-Angell Ture under the slogan: “Forward to new tops!”. The program of the candidate

Dear voters! In my opinion, the organisation should develop, grow up to new level. These are, firstly, the strategic planning carried out openly and collectively, and, secondly, active SDUY positioning on the political field of St.-Petersburg as carrier and the practical executor of democracy ideas on the basis of maintenance of social guarantees that can really help. The given public positioning can be carried out under the slogan: “Social democracy to people!” Program principles of my activity as chairman for next year:
  • activity,
  • openness,
  • involvement
  • collective nature.
My program as candidate for the position of chairman:
  1. Organisation frame strategy development for 3 years in advance and concrete strategy for 1 year by the working group with the assistance of all interested members of the organisation (a comment: following points can be part of these general strategic plans);
  2. Organisation PR-strategy development and its application (particularly, within separate campaigns); the formation of articulate positions inside SDUY for their public presentation is necessary here as well;
  3. New members attraction to the organisation from among youth from 16 to 35 years;
  4. Activisation of cooperation with other regional organisations through structure RSDUY (its board and chairman Evgenie Konovalov);
  5. Partner relations development: with other Nonprofit Organisations (for example, MPD, “Exit”, the Tadjik and Dagestan diasporas, etc. ); coalition of SDUY as independent political force with last large opposition party “Yabloko”; maintenance of relations with “Defense”, AKM, FSМ, DSPA, etc.
  6. International cooperation development: support of relations with our old partners (JUSOS-Rejnland-Pfalts, the youth centre of Kurt Levenshtalj etc.) and contacts attraction (JUSOS-Lejptsig, JUSOS-Drezden, Lithuania, Estonia etc.) ; More active participation of the maximum number of members of the organisation in the international exchanges, trips, appointments with foreign social democrats;
  7. Cooperation with state and municipal authority so far as it corresponds to our purposes and problems and does not contradict our principles (here, first of all, participation in Youth parliament at General court of SPb if that is created; cooperation with oppositional municipals, for example with “Yabloko” members; maintenance of constructive relations with Committee on the youth policy, in particular, on granting of premises under our actions, etc.).
I think that our organisation has already attained the level of preliminary open election campaigns. As for me, I hope that the board will include the people realising that it is the supreme body of joint management of the organisation during the period between conferences, the body, making decisions. And the chairman, according to SDUY-Spb Charter, is obliged to co-ordinate its work. At the same time SDUY is a united team of apersons holding the same views who want to do something together, are capable of it and are ready to do it, ready to change the society where we live, to make it better. If we are able to organise ourselves on our own social democratic principles, we can change the world around us. Therefore, dear friends, only forward – to new tops!:) Yours faithfully, the candidate for the position of SDUY-Spb Chairman, Marie-Angell Ture