August, 2-10, 2009 Cooperation program JUSOS Rpl – SDUY SPb: return visit, Mainz, Germany

Cooperation program between two regional branches of youth political organizations JUSOS & RSDUY includes Joint events & visits of delegations to Russia & Germany. Last September SDUY SPb received JUSOS delegation. The return visit will be this year.

August, 2-9, 2009 Summer school “Democracy & authoritarianism”, Kurt Loewenstein Education Centre, Werftpfuhl, Germany

Representatives of European youth organizations will take part in the event. The main topic will “decision making process in society”.

June, 24-26, 2009 Summer camp “Youth in sailing” at fort Obruchev, St.Petersburg

During summer camp we’ll discuss youth politics. Preliminary program of work-shop «Youth policy», Leader – Anna Khaldina (Russian Social-Democratic Union of Youth): Youth policy– public & political activity by example of Social-Democratic Union of Youth. Presentation of the organization and its projects. Discussion “Methods of involving youth in policy. Attractiveness of youth political organizations.” Principles of team interaction […]

July, 15-21, 2009 RSDUY delegation takes part in World Festival of International Union of Socialistic Youth, Hungary

From 15 to 21 of July there will be annual festival of IUSY (International Union of Socialistic Youth) on lake Balaton in youth center “Zanka”, Hungary. Festival is a unique opportunity to communicate and share experience with socialist friends all over the world. It is expected more than 3000 participants! This year main slogan of the festival will […]

June, 28, 2009 Video conference with German social democrats JUSOS Rpl

We’ll discus following topics during the next video conference with German social democrats: economic crisis with its consequence for German & Russian workers, social democratic solutions for way out of the crisis, Europarliament elections, joint actions & declarations.

June, 23, 2009 RSDUY participates in political debates on unemployment, St. Petersburg

Another round of political debates will be organized by Polit-gramota on Tuesday, June 23, 2009 in the club Sochi (Kazanskaya st. 7, Nevsky Prospect metro station) and our charming comrade Lida Belkevich will be participating! Young politicians will argue on the club’s scene with a little help and feedback from the jury. The following debaters will be present: […]

RSDUY participates in 100TV show “Youth Team”

RSDUY is featured in 100TV shows. The air times are Wednesdays at 3:30pm and Saturdays at 5:15pm. The first show was on May 13 about the USE. The one on May 20 will be over Civil Society. The one on May 27 will be over labor migrations. Watch the show. Make up your mind. Participate.

May, 20, 2009 RSDUY debates “Current Russian Educational Reform: Progress or Degradation?”, St. Petersburg

Lida Belkevich and Dmitry Mihailov were defending the reform, while Eugene Konovalov and Sergey Nesterov were debating against it. The battle was uncompromising and it is next to impossible to define the emotional atmosphere of the desire to win and the depth of logical intricacy of the arguments used. Dmitry has revealed to us the roots of the […]