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Резолюция РСДСМ СПб по политическим заключенным

Октябрь 2012 (с изменениями Май 2013) С момента своего возвращения в президентское кресло В.В.Путин усиливает в России режим личной диктатуры и шаг за шагом реставрирует тоталитарное государство. За несколько месяцев карманная дума приняла ряд антидемократических законов против свободы проведения собраний и митингов, антиклерикальных выступлений, личной свободы, ЛГБТ – сообщества, против НКО (закон об иностранных агентах). На данный момент […]

RSDUY about elections that were held in Russia on Dec. 4, 2011


We, the members of the Russian Social-Democratic Union of Youth (RSDUY), announce that we do not recognize election results, because of the enormous violations and changes under administrative pressure. We are confident that the election results do not meet the true choice of the citizens. We consider it is a shame with what cynicism the authorities spit on […]

Заявление Правления Санкт-Петербургской организации РСДСМ о войне в Ливии.

Весь мир на протяжении нескольких месяцев наблюдает, как разворачиваются драматичные события в Ливии, при этом, до сих пор нет однозначного ответа на вопрос: кому следует оказать поддержку в данной ситуации? Бывший лидер этого государства, Муамар Каддафи, имеющий на своих счетах более 70 млрд. долларов США., отдав приказы расстреливать  демонстрации оппозиции и репрессировать мирное население на восставших территориях, проявил […]

In Russia a ban on profession is issued for oppositionists

Evgeny Konovalov Chairman of the Russian Social Democratic Union of Youth (RSDUY) and member of the Executive Committee of the Union of Social Democrats (lead by M. Gorbachev) was dismissed from Russian state company for his political and public activity. Three weeks before that (June 3) Evgeny was hired on a position of a head of department of […]

Election campaign of the candidate for a chairman’s position Mari-Angell Ture under the slogan: “Forward to new tops!”. The program of the candidate

Dear voters! In my opinion, the organisation should develop, grow up to new level. These are, firstly, the strategic planning carried out openly and collectively, and, secondly, active SDUY positioning on the political field of St.-Petersburg as carrier and the practical executor of democracy ideas on the basis of maintenance of social guarantees that can really help. The […]

Joint declaration of Russian Social Democratic Union of Youth and Socialist Youth of Georgia

We, the Union of Socialist Youth of Georgia and the Russian Social Democratic Union of Youth, make a statement about our common principal position. We believe that modern world should be based on human values. Violent and bloody resolution of conflicts is absolutely unacceptable. Confrontations should be resolved only through negotiations. We condemn use of violence from Russian […]

Working paper on Delegation meeting of RSDUY St.-Petersburg / Velikiy Novgorod and Jusos Rhineland-Palatinate from 30th of August to 11th of September 2008

Joint Declaration against war in Southern Ossetia We as Young Socialists – Jusos Rhineland-Palatinate and the Russian Social Democratic Union of Youth support the peace sanction of any sort of conflicts and we condemn application of violence over any of the parties that are in confrontation, especially concerning the peaceful population, humanitarian and medical institutions. War is always […]

Joint resolution of RSDUY and JUSOS Rheinland-Pfalz about military conflict in Southern Ossetia

Joint resolution about military conflict in Southern Ossetia On August, 6 and 7 shootings and bombings started in Southern Ossetia and on August, 8th Georgian military forces crossed the border, using different weapons to set up control under territory, that was not recognized by international community as independent, but is independent in fact and is under defense of […]

Happy people – happy society

«The Government should not force the individual citizen if she does not wish to sacrifice itself in the name of the blessing of the crowd». (Jean-Jacques Rousseau) Did somebody from you experience a situation when your parents asked whom you wish to become in the future? And when you answered for example: “I’d like to be the artist”, […]