21-23, December, 2007, Seminar for Russian Social-Democratic Union Board members, St. Petersburg

During the seminar the board meeting was hold, where we accepted all issues which were discussed before on our “virtual” board meetings (livejournal resourse) The seminar delegates were presented by representatives of  RSDUY regional branches. The program included folloing points: Year report of RSDUY’s activities in 2007 Building and development of RSDUY regional branches. RSDUY regional branches activities and coordination between […]

19, December 2007, Round table “Common actions on youth rights defence”, St. Petersburg

RSDUY and Club of Peter-and-Paul Fortress hold round table “Common actions on youth rights defence”. Participants discussed following issues: How we can increase the culture of youth rights among young people? What present ed formats of  working with youth are more efective? What  are mechanisms of real youth participation  in civil society development?

Let’s recognize – totalitarianism has come!

The Chairman of Russian Social-Democratic Union of Youth Eugeniy Konovalov, St. Petersburg, November, 25: The Part 1. Office (10.00-11.00) Morning at office Yabloko party Organizers of ” a march of not consent ” and activists of the different organizations have gathered this morning at office Yabloko party. The briefing where all central mass-media were has begun at 10.15. […]

Exclusive impressions on seminar in Werftpfuhl, November, 4-11

Finally we have a chance to ask what happend with our participants on seminars in Kurt Lowenstein Educational Center …in English! So: – Lena, where have you been last week, from 4 to 11 November? – In Werftpfuhl – In Werftpfuhl? What’s this?? – Werftpfuhl – is educational center named after Kurt Lowenstein. It is located in a […]

20.10.2007 Constituent Assembly of all-Russian public movenment “Union of social-democrates”

Это наш город! :-)

The chairman – Mikhail Gorbatchev, The Federal Council includes 11 representatives of RSDUY, the Executive Committiee – 4.

14.10.2007 Action against repressions towards free trade unions


9.9.2007 Female marathon – 10 km


8.09.2007 March for St.Petersburg’ protection

Сохраним живое сердце Петербурга!

Exchange Programme Jusos Rheinland-Palatinate – SDUY SPb


Forum in Narva, Estonia

за нами граница