14.10.2007 Action against repressions towards free trade unions


9.9.2007 Female marathon – 10 km


8.09.2007 March for St.Petersburg’ protection

Сохраним живое сердце Петербурга!

Exchange Programme Jusos Rheinland-Palatinate – SDUY SPb


Forum in Narva, Estonia

за нами граница

09.06.2007 The third March of united opposition

нас много!

More then 2, 000 participants. It’s the first march without the police attacks to peacful demonstration. Finally the police and authority have learnt the lesson.

2.6.2007 Day of Children Protection




Made by Wictoria Majby, member of RSDSM, former member of Social Democratic Party of Sweden (SAP)

May Day – 2007


Russian Social-Democratic Union of Youth took part in the 1 st May Demostration in St.Petersburg

Russian opposition protests results elections; Social Democratic Youth Union activists detained

The Other Russia opposition movement held a demonstration in St. Petersburg on March 18 to protest the official results of the city’s legislative assembly elections as well as Gazprom City, the controversial planned business center that will include the headquarters of Gazpromneft, the gas monopoly’s oil subsidiary, and a 77-story skyscraper. RFE/RL’s Russian Service (http://www.svobodanews.ru) reported on March […]